Machine Pitch is an entry level into the sport of Baseball which provides children with an opportunity hit a ball which is thrown towards them in a controlled and safe manner.

The machine unit, a Louisville UPM45 (Or Blue Flame),┬áis versatile with a range of settings which allow clubs to use the machine with different age groups. Once calibrated and in place, the unit will ‘flick’ a ball at approxmately 35 mph (56 kph) or about the speed of a general throw. The balls trajectory is uniform and will come in between the knees and the hips on most occasions. This gives children a better chance of hitting the ball and running towards first whilst also teaching them where the strike zone is (what they should be looking for).

The club this year is hoping to have 2 teams that compete against each other and also play games against the 2 local clubs Rockingham Rams and Peel Diamond Sports.

If you are interested in joining please contact the club via their facebook page or come down to one of our Registration Days on 19th August or 26th August (also our Have A Go day)..

Registration is $100 for the year however for those registered to play Tee Ball the cost is only an extra $25.

Ages are 7 to 9.